This is my third attempt at building a room sized 'N' gauge model railway (other than table top 'HO' gauge for the kids). The previous two attempts had to be abandoned when I had friends needing somewhere to temporarily stay between house sales, and so the builds were dismantled. [sad face]

I have now retired and am determined to complete this build. I have already build many Faller (and other) models most of which are sitting on or in boxes. The only problem is finding the time!!!


The latest build status can be found under Construction, The Build so far in 2013 (November). This is the progress log for 2012/13 of my (rather slow) build.

Data Incomplete

[working at computer] The links for Coaches, Engines, Wagons and Trains are created on my Ubuntu work station using Perl to extract data in a MySql database. The data on the web pages is incomplete since I have not fully itemised all my stock and entered it into the various database tables. I am not a rail buff, just an amateur modeller, and the pages are designed for me to use with the Railroad & Co control software.